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Choosing Effective Targets

Effective campaigns target the officials with the most influence over the issue and the power to make things happen.

For example: If you're interested in protecting honey bees and your goal is to get Congress to pass the Save America's Pollinators Act, an effective campaign would target all of Congress explaining why the bill is important and urging them to vote in its favor.

However, if you're addressing an issue that only pertains to the specific state you live in, a more effective target group for your campaign would most likely be your State's Legislature.

Another strategy might be to target a group with a conflicting viewpoint that stands in the way of your reaching your goal. An effective campaign might target this group (e.g. 'All Republicans' or 'All Democrats' ) urging them to consider the issue from an alternative perspective in order to sway them to vote in favor of your goal.

We also include all of the committees at the National and State level, for Congress and your State Legislature. You may choose to target a committee pertaining to your issue, asking them to introduce, support or oppose legislation.

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