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Email Verification Settings


Email Verification is used to verify whether a sender's email address is accurate and real. Turning Email Verification on for a message pauses the delivery of your supporter's messages until they verify that they did indeed sign your message.

Email verification is handled through an automatically generated email message from One Click Politics. Within this email we include a link that must be clicked by your supporters that will verify their signature. One Click Politics will complete your supporter's delivery when they click this link.

You are able to customize this link within your message settings - when your supporter clicks the link in the email, you can direct them to any link you wish. This is a prime opportunity to drive your supporters to your donation page or to more information about your campaign.

What effect does Email Verification have on delivery conversion?

We have observed an average 11% reduction in message delivery rates when Email Verification is turned on. We leave it up to you to decide if email verification is worth the delivery conversion rate decrease for the increased insurance that these are actual supporters.

Whether an email is verified or not, you will still receive the signature data in your account's exportable .csv or data syncs with NationBuilder, NeonCRM and SalesForce.

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