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How do I access my analytics?

Each message has its own set of live analytics.

To view this data, simply select the "Analytics" button next to the message or in the individual message settings.

Available Analytics Data:

  • Traffic - Number of times your widget has been loaded or campaign page viewed*
  • Signatures - Number of supporters who have submitted their information through your forms
  • Verified Signatures - Number of supporters who have verified their email address (if you have this setting enabled within your message settings)
  • Goal - Available if you set a Signature Goal within your message settings
  • 3-Day Signature Trend
  • 3-Day Traffic Trend

*We currently track our analytics ourselves, but are in the midst of updating this data to be more accurate through the Google Analytics API. This data is not available for messages of customers using the One Click Politics API - you should instead rely on your own website's analytics tracking for this data.

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