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How do I sync with NeonCRM?

To sync with NeonCRM you need both your Neon Org ID and your Neon API key. See: Finding Your NeonCRM API Key and Organization ID

To activate your NeonCRM integration, click the "Sync NeonCRM" button at the top of your dashboard. Simply input your Neon Org ID and Neon API key and click Save. You will also need to create a custom column in NeonCRM before syncing. See: Creating your OCP Message Account Custom Field


Test Sync

Once you have created your Account Custom Field and input your Neon credentials, you are ready to run a test sync. Simply click the "Sync NeonCRM" button to test sync one record to NeonCRM - this will happen instantly.

If you have already synced the example record to NeonCRM, you can click the button again to test our automatic de-duplication process. As you will see, One Click Politics merges identical records in NeonCRM so that you do not have to de-duplicate your records on your own, saving you a lot of time.


NeonCRM Syncing Schedule

Due to our built-in de-duplication process for NeonCRM, some syncs can take a very long time. This limitation has caused us to currently sync your data with NeonCRM once a week - we process all NeonCRM data syncs every weekend.

All new supporters will be added to your NeonCRM database and your internal message names will sync to their NeonCRM record activities in the OCP Message column.

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