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‘Sign with Facebook’ link

On every widget, we include a "Sign with Facebook" button by default.

When your supporters click this button, they will be asked to sign in to Facebook if they are not already signed in. Their information is then pulled from Facebook and their message immediately delivered. One simple click is all it takes to make their voice heard!

The one downside of using the "Sign with Facebook" button is that Facebook's privacy policies restrict the data that we can store for your exports. Rather than collecting the name and email of the supporters using this button to sign your messages, you get a Facebook-generated email address. If you wish to collect the full data of each and every supporter, you may want to turn this button off.


Removing the 'Sign with Facebook' button

To remove the button from your message's widget, simply select "Yes" on the "Remove ‘Sign with Facebook’ link?" option within your Message Settings:

Removing the "Sign with Facebook" link decreases conversion rates by an average of 0.8%, quite a negligible decrease for improved data gathering.

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