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Suppression list management and settings

Each account has a suppression list to record email addresses of people who have unsubscribed, hard bounced from your subscriber lists, or marked an email as spam.

This page explains how to add people to the list yourself, and how to remove them if necessary. It also explains how the unsubscribe settings for each list tie in with the suppression list, and how you can change that.


Adding or removing suppression list email addresses

Open Manage Subscribers. Below the lists, or list, click suppressed to open the "Manage your suppression list" page:

To add email addresses to the list, click Add to suppression list in the right sidebar, then follow the on-screen instructions. To remove someone from the list, use the search tool on your right to find their email address. Then tick the checkbox for that address and clickRemove selected.

NOTE: If you are removing an email address from the suppression list because the person was unsubscribed by accident, you also need to change the subscriber's status back to "Active" for the list they were on. See our instructions for resubscribing an unsubscribed email.

Export your suppression list

Also on this page, in the right sidebar, is an Export tool to download all emails on the list as a file, including the reason for suppression and date suppressed.

Unsubscribe settings for individual lists

When someone is unsubscribed from one of your subscriber lists, they are automatically unsubscribed from all of your lists and added to the suppression list. However, you can change this default setting on a list-by-list basis. If you do, anyone who unsubscribes from that list will not be added to your suppression list and, if they're subscribed to any other lists, they will not be unsubscribed from those.

For example, let's say you have a list called Monthly Newsletter and a subscriber on that list with the email address: joe_blogg@mail.com. The following describes how subscriber processing will work after you change the unsubscribe setting for that list:

  • If joe_blogg@mail.com is subscribed to multiple lists in your account, and he unsubscribes from Monthly Newsletter, he will be unsubscribed from that list only.
  • When joe_blogg@mail.com unsubscribes from Monthly Newsletter he will not be added to your suppression list.
  • If you import a subscriber list to Monthly Newsletter and joe_blogg@mail.com is accidentally included in the file, his subscriber status will remain "Unsubscribed," meaning none of the emails you send to the list will be sent to him.
  • When you import a subscriber list to Monthly Newsletter, email addresses on the list will not be checked against the suppression list.

To change the unsubscribe settings for a subscriber list, follow the instructions below.

Changing the unsubscribe settings for a list

Open the subscriber list you want to change the settings for, then click Unsubscribe settings in the right sidebar. On the following page you'll see two options below the heading, "When someone unsubscribes from this list," as shown here:

To change the settings so that this list never uses the suppression list, select Only unsubscribe them from this list. Then click Save Unsubscribe Settings.

Change back to the default setting

You can change the unsubscribe setting for a list at any time. If you revert back to the original setting, you will be prompted to allow your list to be scrubbed against the email addresses on the suppression list, as shown here:

The first option allows you to instantly add any unsubscribed email addresses on your subscriber list, to the suppression list.

The second option scrubs all of the active subscribers on your list against the email addresses on the suppression list. If any matches are found, those do-not-email addresses are instantly moved to their applicable non-active status when you click Finish Update.

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