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How do I import an HTML email?

Instead of starting with a saved template and adding content to it, you can import custom coded HTML emails, by uploading the campaign files from your computer.


Preparing the email files

If your custom coded HTML references external files such as images or CSS, the simplest file and folder structure to work with is:

  • The HTML file
  • The CSS file/s
  • All your images in a subfolder named "images"

To upload your campaign from your computer, you will first need to compress the images and CSS files into a single ZIP file. To do so:

  • On MacOS, select the folder containing your images and CSS, right click and select Compress.

  • On Windows, right click the folder containing your images and CSS, and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

Importing custom coded emails from your computer

The instructions below are for setting up an email campaign.

To import a custom coded HTML email:

  1. Click Clients in the top menu, then select a client.
  2. Open Campaigns and click Create a new campaign.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in the campaign and sender details, then click Next.
  4. On the "Choose a starting point" page, click Import HTML.
  5. Select Import from my computer.
  6. Below "HTML page", click Choose File to select the HTML file from your computer.
  7. Optional: if you have a ZIP file to import, below "All other image and CSS files" click Choose File to select the ZIP file from your computer.
  8. In most cases you'll want to check the option to move your CSS inline. This prevents styles being stripped out by some email clients.
  9. Click Import to upload the custom coded email.

Preview and edit the imported email

If no issues are found in the code, you'll see a notification that the campaign has been successfully imported:

Use the Preview it and send a test email links, pictured above, to preview the email and send yourself a test to make sure everything looks as expected.

To edit the HTML after importing, on the "What would you like to do" screen select Edit the HTML and click Next to open the in-app editor:

Alternatively, you can update the HTML file on your computer and Re-import the campaign. When you're happy with the preview, select Continue, I'm happy with the preview and click Next.

Format the plain text version

The next step is to format the plain text version of your campaign. Click import it from your HTML to save yourself some time:

This takes the text content from your HTML version and makes some intelligent guesses about how it should be structured. Alternatively, you can enter your own version of the campaign directly into the text editor.

Click I'm done, return to snapshot to complete the process.

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