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Subscribe pages

You don't need a website to have a subscribe form available online. For every list in your account you can create a simple, customizable, subscribe page that's really easy to share – no coding required.

Subscribe pages are a stand alone web page with a unique URL that you can share with potential subscribers. Even if you have a website with a subscribe form built-in, a short URL for a matching subscribe page is a handy alternative you can use elsewhere.


Customizing subscribe pages

To get started navigate to the subscriber list you want to create a form for. On the list details page click Sign up forms in the right sidebar then, on the following page, select Link to a subscribe page.

The subscribe page you'll start with is a basic name and email setup which uses your client name in the title:

If you like it simple, just copy the link provided and you're good to go. Otherwise, click customize the look to slide in the editing tools, as shown here:

Changes made on the right are reflected immediately in the preview pane, left.

Here's what you can customize:

  • Change the Title and choose your preferred font from the menu options. Maximum title length is 70 characters, which is also used on web browser tabs.
  • Alternatively, you can replace title text with an image. Maximum visible width is 566px, and max. height is 120px.
  • Change the background color using our color picker, or enter the hex value.
  • Add a Summary or subtitle (maximum length is 300 characters).
  • Choose which fields to Show and optionally set them as "required." (Except for the email field, which is set to required by default.)
  • Change the Button label to something other than "Subscribe."
  • Select a different Language from the drop-down menu.
  • Replace default copy supplied in the text field labeled, When they submit the form. This is the success message that is displayed after the form is submitted:

NOTE: You cannot include additional opt-in lists on a subscribe page. To do that you'll need to create an HTML subscribe form instead.

When you have finished customizing the subscribe page and form details, click Save changes.

The page you started on will load again, showing your new-look form and the page URL. Clicking Preview opens the form in a new window – and it's the real thing so filling it in will add those details to your subscriber list.

To see how the form functions you can test it using the preview version embedded in the editor. Fill it in as many times as you like; data submitted there will not be added to your list.

Customization tips

Below are some tips and information to help you customize the subscribe page.

Title text

The pre-filled title text is: "Get the latest from <Client Name>". For example, pictured below is what a client named "ABC Widgets" would see. You can replace the text with your own, or upload an image instead.

About the title text:

  • It is also displayed on web browser tabs as the web page title:

  • If you use an image instead, whatever is in the Title text field will still be used on web browser tabs. So if you don't want your client name shown, make sure you overwrite the example text.
  • If you delete the title text, leaving the field blank, it will default to showing "Sign up to our newsletter" on web browser tabs.

Custom fields

If your subscriber list has custom fields they will be listed below the default fields (name and email) in the editing pane.

Just tick the checkbox alongside any fields you want included on the form, and click Required if you want to make them mandatory:

You can also change the display order of custom fields by clicking the drag handle, see above, to move them up or down.

Language settings

Selecting a different language automatically changes the default field labels: name and email. It also changes the language of error messages that might be displayed when someone is filling in the form. For example:

"Oops, that's not a number." (Error message displayed when letters are typed into a numeric field.)

All other text must be changed manually to your language of choice. Here's a checklist to make sure you've got it covered:

  • Subscribe button – Edit the button text so it doesn't say "Subscribe."
  • Custom field labels – If they were written in English, they will show up on your subscribe form in English. To change them, navigate to your subscriber list page and click Custom fields in the right sidebar.
  • Success message – If you stick with the default copy, as shown in the When they submit the form text field, we will convert the message to your chosen language. If you write a custom message, use your chosen language.
  • Verification email content – This applies to confirmed opt-in lists only. The verification email, sent to people to confirm their subscription, is in English. To edit it, navigate to your subscriber list page and click Customize landing pages in the right sidebar.

Confirmed opt-in lists

If your subscribe page is for a confirmed opt-in list it's worthwhile reminding people to verify their email address. You can add a reminder to the success message displayed when they submit the form. For example:

"To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you."

Subscribe page tally

Each time you visit the subscribe page editor from now on, you'll see how many people have signed up to your list via the hosted subscribe form:

About the tally total:

  • It doesn't include anyone who subscribed by any other method. If you have multiple signup methods, refer to your subscriber list page for the current total.
  • The number displayed on this page does not decrease if people unsubscribe.
  • For confirmed opt-in lists, the number of new subscribers displayed includes unconfirmed subscribers.
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