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Dynamic content in the email builder

Our email builder makes it easy to send more relevant emails to subscribers by displaying different content to different people based on which list they're subscribed to, or how you have them segmented within a list.

Each section added to a campaign can be targeted at a specific audience. For example, a restaurant chain could send an email campaign containing different offers for customers, based on their location.

In the newsletter pictured below, content in the first section is specifically for customers near Toluca Lake, while content in the second section is for customers near Pasadena.

To match a section with its intended group of recipients, click to the side of the section to activate it. Then, in the left sidebar, click Who should see this to choose from your lists and segments.

The default setting for a section is "All recipients," which will be deselected as soon as you select one or more lists or segments:

After you've selected your first list or segment, hovering your cursor over sections will display who it's visible to:

NOTE: To use dynamic content in an email, you need to have more than one subscriber list, or a single list with segments defined.

Duplicate sections

You can duplicate or delete sections, as shown here:

When you click the plus button, a copy of the section is added below. This can save you time when writing and formatting similar content. For example, a product description could end in a "Pre-order now" call-to-action in one section, versus "Save 25%" on a duplicate section visible only to VIP customers.

Content for all recipients

As mentioned earlier, the default setting for a section is "All recipients." Keep that setting applied for generic content, if there is any, so those sections will be visible to everyone the email is sent to.

Content previews

When you've finished creating your content, click Preview to see how your email will look on desktop clients and mobile devices. From this page you can use the "Previewing" menu to click through each version of the email and make sure it looks right for the intended recipients:

Confirm recipients

After previewing the content you'll be prompted to choose recipients for your campaign. The system detects dynamic content in the email and highlights the lists or segments you created targeted content for, as shown here:

Select the highlighted lists or segments (and any other recipients you'd like to receive the campaign) and click Next to finalize your campaign for sending.

TIP: There's a second preview option on the campaign snapshot page. Click View a preview below the "Content" heading to display your campaign in a pop-up window. With this preview you can also toggle through each plain text version of your campaign.

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