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Terms: Opens, clicked, bounced

There are a number of terms we use to explain the results for each campaign you send. Below is a quick explanation about what these figures and percentages mean.

Total opens to date

The total number of times your campaign was viewed by your recipients. This means that if you send a campaign to two recipients and one of them reads your email twice, while the other reads it once, the "total opens to date" will be three.

The total number of opens to date is shown below unique opens:

Unique opens

Unique opens does not take repeat opens into account. So, to reference the example given above, the unique opens for that campaign would be two. Each recipient who opens the campaign is recorded as one unique open.


The bounce data tells you the total number of subscribers who did not receive the campaign because the email bounced.

Clicked a link

Clicks data provides a number of important figures about the links in your campaign. For example, "2,481 (14.28%) recipients clicked 7 links" tells us the following:

  • A total of 2,481 recipients clicked at least one link.
  • This resulted in a click-through rate of 14.28%.
  • All up, 7 different links in the campaign were clicked.


The unsubscribed data tells you the total number of recipients that clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign. If you get any unsubscribes you can also click through to see who the recipient's details.

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