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Linking to your embedded actions

If you have one or more One Click Politics widgets embedded on a page on your website, a OneClick Signature Link will ensure that your forms are pre-filled when your supporters click the link in your email.

You can also link directly to a One Click Politics widget if you only want your supporters to see the action form.

TIP: Only supporters in your list who have previously completed a One Click Politics action will be able to utilize this - if they haven't, don't worry, it won't affect their experience.

1. Prepare your landing page

Add the following lines to the bottom of your HTML:

2. Modify the links to your landing page in your email campaign

Create a new email campaign, fill in your content, and format any of the links to your landing page as follows.

When you link to your landing page, add a special bracketed expression to the url:


For example, if your landing page url (www.mylandingpage.com) is normally linked:

you'll change the link to look like:

If your landing page already has url parameters in the link, use an ampersand (&) instead of a question mark to concatenate the new expression:

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