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Delivery Settings

Constituent Mail Only

When Constituent Mail Only is ON, it ensures that advocates only send communications to targets that represent them - that is to say, advocates will only contact the legislators they are constituents of.

For example, if your target is the “All of Congress” Predefined Target Group, and this setting is ON, advocates will only email their own two Senators and their House Rep. If this settings is OFF, advocates would email the full Congress.

You also have the ability to flag up to four targets to receive communications regardless of constituency status - please refer to the flagging section of the Targeting documentation for more information.


Petition Mode

Petition Mode transforms your campaign into a Petition - it will remove all targets, and prevent any sort of delivery or action from taking place. The widget will simply collect your advocate’s data.

With Petition Mode ON, you are also provided the option to change the address requirements of your campaign.

By default, the full Address, City and Zip/Postal Code are all required for an advocate to take action - this is because this information is all necessary in order to determine an advocate’s districts, as well as due to the requirements of the legislators being contacted so their staff are able to determine constituency status.

When in Petition Mode, no actual contact is taking place, so you have the option to remove the address requirements, or require only the Zip/Postal Code.


Verify Senders’ Email Addresses

This setting will force an advocate to verify that they own the email address entered into the form before they are able to continue taking action on your campaign. This requires your advocate to click a confirmation link in an auto-generated email; once this confirmation link is clicked, they will be able to continue taking action on your campaign. By default, this setting is OFF and no email verification is required.


Redirect Advocates After Taking Action

With this option ON, simply provide a Redirect Link and your advocates will be automatically redirected to your donation page, thank-you page, email sign up form, or any other page of your choosing. By default, this setting is OFF and will not redirect your advocates when they complete an action.

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