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Selecting Targets

The Targets you select for your campaign will always abide by the "Constituent Mail Only" setting within your Campaign Settings. However, many legislators simply ignore any correspondence from people outside of their districts - if the advocate is not a constituent, a lot of the time their opinion simply does not matter to the elected official. Receiving a majority of emails from outside of their district can lead to an office ignoring a campaign in its entirety, so in most cases we do recommend limiting the email submissions to constituent-only.



Under the Congress section, you can select individual House Representatives or Senators, Committees and Subcommittees, as well as larger Predefined Groups like the full House, full Senate, All of Congress, All Democrats or All Republicans.



Under the States section, you can select a state to add members of that state’s legislature to your Selected Targets. You can select individual State Senators or State House Reps, Committees and Subcommittees, as well as larger Predefined Groups like the full State House, full State Senate, All Legislature Members, All Democrats or All Republicans.


Custom Targets

Under the Custom Targets section, you can select the Custom Targets you’ve added to your account. See Creating Custom Targets for more information on creating/editing your Custom Targets.


Flagging Targets

You can "flag" up to 4 targets to always receive contacts from all of your advocates, despite their constituency status or other campaign settings. This is best utilized when you need your advocates to contact their own legislators, as well as another few targets - for example, the sponsor of a bill or the Chair of a committee.

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