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Creating Custom Targets

You can create a Target for anyone you would like to target on a campaign that we do not currently include in our database. If you have a large amount of Custom Targets that you need to add in bulk, please contact your dedicated support manager or submit a ticket.


Step 1: Location & Constituency

It's important that you correctly set your target's Constituency. A Constituency of 'Local' will only allow advocate contacts from within the City you designate; 'State' will only allow contacts from within the State you designate; and 'National' will allow all advocate contacts regardless of location.

Please note that if you leave the Constituency at ‘Local’ and do not provide a City in the City field, no one will be considered a constituent of that Custom Target.


Step 2: Name & Position

Name your target - the Salutation and Name will be visible to both the target and your advocates when they are signing your campaign. Emails to Custom Targets are always delivered as: Dear [salutation] [name],

The ‘Position Held’ field is an internal note to help you identify this target on future campaigns, and will not be visible to the Custom Target or your Advocates.


Step 3: Contact Info

Include all methods of contact that you would like your target to receive: Email, Phone and/or Twitter. It is not required to include all methods of contact.

If you need to connect a Custom Target to an online web form, please contact your dedicated support manager or submit a ticket.

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