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Campaign Content

The Campaign Content Page of your Campaign Editor includes your general settings and is where you will also edit the content that will be delivered to your targets from your advocates.

Any time you make changes to your content, you must click “Save Content” in the top right to reflect those changes on your live campaign widget or hosted campaign page.


Campaign Name

The Campaign Name is used for internal tracking purposes. This will not be displayed to targets or advocates; it will be displayed as the campaign’s identifier throughout your Campaign Analytics and any exports you pull from your account.


Action Types

Choose the types of actions you would like to display on your campaign’s embedded widget or hosted campaign page. Any updates to these options will be automatically reflected on your form; ensure that you are including content for each of the action types you will have activated on your campaign.


Widget Title & Subtitles

Customize the text that will display at the top of your widget. The Widget Title displays as large text at the top of each step of the form. Each step has its own Subtitle field, allowing you to customize the instructions you would like to provide for each step of your campaign.


Email Action Content

Your Email Action Content designates what your advocates email to legislators. You can choose to Lock this text or keep it editable in your Campaign Settings.

Default Subject

Here you should provide the Subject of the email that your advocates should send to legislators. Please note that this is what legislators’ staff will see in their inbox.

Default Body

Provide the Body Text of the email that your advocates should send to legislators. The salutation (e.g. “Dear Senator Smith,”) will be added automatically upon delivery, and should not be included here. Likewise, the signature will be added automatically upon delivery, displayed in the email as seen below:

John Jinglehymer-Schmidt
123 Main St
Washington, DC 12345

Email Message Rotator

The Email Message Rotator allows you to provide alternate emails that your advocates can send to legislators. The advocate will see only one email, automatically assigned to them when they fill in the form; as an example, if you have your default and four rotating messages, approximately 20% of your advocates will send each email.


Twitter Action Content

Your Twitter Action Content will define what your advocates tweet to legislators. The Twitter handle of the legislator is auto-populated at the beginning of the tweet when it is being delivered - all you need to provide is the text you want your advocates to tweet.


Phone Action Content

Your Phone Action Content allows you to provide a Call Script that your advocates will read from when calling their legislators’ offices. We recommend keeping this short and to the point, generally under one minute of speaking time. This helps to increase call conversions by making the task appear less daunting.

If you are subscribed to our Patch-Through Calling feature, you will also be able to record a 30-second greeting that will be heard at the beginning of your advocate’s call before they are connected to their legislator.


Video Action Content

Your Video Action Content includes an optional Video Introduction Text - this is not required, and will display in paragraph form before your advocate records their video. If you do not enter text here, they will only see the four bullet-point tips for recording the video.

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