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Form Settings

Opt-In Box

Turn this setting on to give advocates the choice to opt out of providing you their contact information. When this setting is turned ON, the opt-in box will be checked by default. If an advocate un-checks the box, you will not receive their signature details (name, email, or phone number) in your data. Instead, you will see them as “Opted Out.” You will, however, still receive a record of their action - including who they contacted, and in which way/s.

When you choose to use the Opt-In Box, you are also given the option to add your own custom Opt-In Text. By default with no edits, this text will read: “Allow [account name] to contact me about important future issues.”


Make Phone Field Required

Adds a Phone field to your widget and requires that every advocate enter it before continuing - this setting is OFF by default, however phone numbers are required on all phone actions whether this setting is ON or OFF.


Lock Email Text

Locks the Email Subject and Body fields so that advocates are not able to edit them before sending to your targets - by default, advocates will have the ability to edit the email before they submit it.


Kiosk Mode

The default behavior for your widget is to remember the last action taker, as well as who their calculated legislators were during that signing. The widget will remember this information to both make multiple actions easier, as well as prevent advocates from spamming a form with multiple addresses.

When Kiosk Mode is ON, it clears the form each time it is loaded and does not save the advocate’s information in the widget. This is best utilized for instances in which many people will be signing a form on the same device, such as while tabling during an in-person event or canvassing.


Accept International Signatures

Allows signatures from outside of the campaign’s country. By default, your campaign widgets will only accept signatures from within its targets’ countries - turning this setting ON will allow signatures from all three countries we serve to be accepted: the United States, Canada, or Australia. This setting adds a "Select Country" field to your widget form.

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