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Custom Fields

Add New Account Custom Field

If your widgets lack a crucial field or demographic question, you are able to add it as a custom field simply by naming the field and clicking “Add”. A custom field like 'Age' or 'County' can be shared across widgets, and answers will appear as a column in your Signature Exports.

Note: We restrict this to four custom fields across all campaigns. Once added, a field cannot be removed - its name can only be changed, which will also change the name of the field in your data exports.


Add a Custom Field to Your Widget

To add one of your Custom Fields to your campaign’s widget, select it from the dropdown and click “Add to Widget”

Once added, you have the choice to present this field as a text field or a select field. If you want to provide a list of options for your advocate to choose from, add those options into the text box as a comma-separated list. Your advocates will then be able to choose from these options on your widget. If you would like your advocates to add their own text to this field, please leave the text box blank.

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